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Health care during pregnancy

2019-7-12 A pregnant woman is totally different from when she is not pregnant. Hormone secretion levels go up and down. Hormones prepar

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Do you know what ails you when you sneeze and leak urine?

2019-6-28 In the gynecological clinic, when I do a specialist examination for the patients, I will find that some people have vaginal r

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Does Helicobacter pylori need to be eradicated?

2019-6-28 Helicobacter pylori is a spiral, micro-anaerobic, and very stubborn bacteria. In 1983, it was successfully isolated from gast

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Infantile diarrhea disease

2019.6.06 Infantile diarrhea disease is a group of common diseases in pediatrics. The disease is caused by multiple pathogens and facto

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