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October is ADHD Awareness Month

Dr. Mike Mehrvarz, Ph.D.

The ADHD Awareness Month is intended to make public become more aware of this problem which affects many children and also silently affect many adults which did not get help as a child and causing various problems in their adult lives. Besides problem with hyperactivity and attention, these children suffer from various other problems including leaning difficulty, school difficulties, anxiety, depression and poor self-confidence. Some of the parents of these children mostly live with anxiety and helplessness not knowing how to help to stop their children suffering and help them become successful in their education. Sometimes this problem may even cause marital conflicts among these parents.


The symptoms of this disorder include being disorganized, poor attention, poor concentration, hyperactivity, losing things easily, often moving around, talk too much, can sit still, learning problem, having poor self-esteem, behavior problem, angry, anxious and many other symptoms. The symptoms in adults with this problem include difficulty maintaining job, having problem in their relationships, some might abuse alcohol or drugs, having problems with attention and concentration, depression, anxiety and more.



With advancement of psychological treatment and other technology available now, these children and adult can be helped with their numerous inattention and emotional difficulties which comes along with this disorder.  

Parents need to take actions for their children soon they find out the problem to prevent them continuing suffering throughout their childhood and adulthood.