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Dr. Mike Mehrvarz, Ph.D. (USA)      
Psychologist (Bilingual) 
Pediatric- Child- Adult 
Licensed in China 

Language: English, Mandarin, Farsi, Conversational Japanese

Dr. Mehrvarz is specialized in assessment and treatment of various children and adults emotional and cognitive difficulties. He has practiced in China over 20 years and speaks fluent Mandarin. He treats most psychological difficulties without the need for medicine.
Specialties with Children age 3-17
Psychoeducational assessment and treatment 
-Difficulties with Attention, Concentration and Memory
-Diagnosed with Autism, Asperger or Dawn Syndrome
-Hyperactive, Impulsive
-Behavior problems, Bully Others, Angry, Often fight
-Communication Disorders
-Learning problem (Reading, Writing or Math)
-School or Classroom problems 
-Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Shy
-Sleeping problems, Night mare
-Eating Disorders
-Low self confidence
-Bed wetting
-Game  or Online addiction
-Psychiatric Disorders
-Tourette Syndrome

Treatment Modalities for Children
CBT, Behavior therapy, Sand Play therapy, Art therapy, Attention training
Sensory Integration training, Relaxation training, Neurofeedback training  
Parenting training

Specialties with Adults 
-Individual, Couple and Family therapy
-Marriage therapy
-Depression, Anxiety, Panic attack, Fear
-Sleeping difficulties, Nightmare
-Anger Management, Stress Management
- Sexual difficulties
-Eating Disorders 
-Losing Weight
-Parenting difficulties
-PMS and Menopause
-Adult ADHD
-Psychosomatic Disorders
-Psychiatric Disorders