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The IMC Dental Department Will Open Soon!

As society progresses and people's living standards at home and abroad continue to improve, people's demand for oral health care expertise and oral medical services will increase. To meet people’s needs, IMC and Gyeongbuk Miya Dental have entered into a strategic partnership, saying they will jointly build together the Dental Department of the International Medical Center Beijing.


Kyungpook National University Dental Hospital (KNUDH) has always been a leader in the field of Korean dentistry and has trained and trained many excellent dentists from all over the world. 


Gyeongbuk Mia Dental is an academic dental clinic with rich connotations and is committed to developing individual and visualized treatment plans for patients and practicing standardized methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Special Medical Projects

The Department of Dentistry at the International Medical Center  Beijing is opening several special medical projects, including orthodontics, oral surgery, dental implants, oral medicine, oral restoration, and periodontal treatment. Orthodontic projects include micro implant anchoring nail facial repair technology (MIA), Invisalign invisible repair, and so on. Gyeongbuk Mia’s Micro Implant Anchorage Facial Correction Technology (MIA) has world-class technical research support and clinical guidance from top Korean experts. Thanks to its shorter treatment period, smaller implant surface, better and more stable healing effect, it has been widely confirmed in practice among patients' friends and even colleagues. Recommended medical projects also include minimally invasive tooth extraction; Korean MGZ implant technology; resin filling; children's whole mouth fluoride; children's pit and crack closure; oral examination; teeth whitening; micro-root canal treatment technology; aesthetic restoration; veneer; Ultrasonic cleaning, curet, curet, dentinoplasty, crown extension, etc.

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Dentistry also has routine medical products for patients to choose from, including porcelain veneers, comprehensive oral examinations, pediatric oral examinations, complete or partial dentures, endodontics (for deciduous teeth), X-rays, tooth decay, root canal therapy, fluoridation surface smoothing, and curettage, wisdom tooth extraction, resin fillings, tooth extraction, crown and bridge, dental implant, teeth whitening, orthodontic treatment, etc.


Dentist Introduction

Cooperation between the International Medical Center-Beijing and the Miya Dental Department in North Gyeongsang Province has also shown a high level of education, a high level, and a level in the department’s talent pool. The Department of Dentistry currently has three attending physicians: Dr. Li Shifeng, Dr. Lu Lu, and Dr. Jin Mingx

Dr. Li Shifeng


Lecturer, World Micro Implant Anchorage Association (WMIA)

Ph.D. in Implant Clinic Center of Korea MR Dental Hospital

Member of Orthodontics Professional Committee (COS) of Chinese Stomatological Association

Member of the Korean Association of Orthodontics (KAO)

Invisalign Certified Doctor

Angelalign Certified Doctor

Physician certified by MEGAGEN Implant System

eBrace is a certified doctor for lingual correction

Dr. Li Shifeng is good at the aesthetic restoration of implants, micro-implant anchorage MIA treatment techniques, diagnosis, and treatment of common diseases in the general dental field, with a thorough, severe, and gentle diagnosis and treatment style.

Possess good comprehensive oral diagnosis and treatment capabilities, adhere to comfortable oral diagnosis and treatment technology from the perspective of patients, reasonable treatment plans, and patience in service, which have been praised and recommended by most patients. 

Dr. Jin Mingxu


Master of Department of Dental Sciences (KNU), Kyungpook National University, Korea/Teaching Assistant, MEGAGEN Implant System Certified Physician

Member of the Orthodontics Committee of the Chinese Association of Stomatology (CSGD)

Member of the Korean Society of Prosthodontics (KAP)

Member of the Korean Society of Aesthetic Dentistry (KAED)

Dr. Jin Mingxu has been engaged in general dental practice for more than ten years and has accumulated rich clinical experience. He is proficient in dental implant restoration, general practice design, and treatment of complex cases, wisdom tooth extraction, dental pulp, painless treatment, etc. 

Relying on excellent basic skills to solve dental problems for many patients is widely praised. 

Dr. Lu Lu


PhD/Assistant Professor, School of Dentistry (KNU), Kyungpook National University, South Korea

Lecturer, World Micro Implant Anchorage Association (WMIA)

Member of Orthodontics Professional Committee (COS) of Chinese Stomatological Association

Member of the Korean Association of Orthodontics (KAO)

U.S. Insima Certified Doctor

Time Angel Certified Doctor

Dr. Lu Lu is an attending physician who has a wealth of clinical practice experience, including correcting malocclusion in children, correcting various malocclusions in adults, and other complex corrections. He specializes in micro-implant anchorage MIA correction technology and is committed to promoting the education and promotion of MIA technology in China. Develop and benefit orthodontic patients who are pursuing comprehensive orthodontics.