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IMC Dental Summer Packages

Summer vacation is coming!

High school entrance exam is over

and students can finally relax.

Get ready to dive into a new phase of learning!

Straight and white teeth not only can you make a good first impression,

it also makes you more confident.

The IMC prepared a variety of special dental packages

Let self-confidence start from the teeth!

Summer vacation, a golden period for orthodontics

Why is summer vacation a golden time for orthodontics? There is enough time for orthodontics and enough time to pass the running-in period of braces well. Because young patients usually need to attend classes and study, there is not enough time for oral examinations, orthodontic plan design and other dental procedures. In order to make the orthodontic plan accurate, each patient is customized and cannot be completed in one day, so the ample time in the summer can better arrange the treatment according to the doctor's order. In addition, summer orthopedic teenagers can skip classes and tutoring, and the physical and mental pressure is relatively small; it has a multiplier effect on the adaptation of the appliance.

In what cases is orthodontics treatment necessary? 

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Having a smile with beautiful teeth can make you more confident, and misaligned teeth can interfere with your normal bite and have an impact on your daily life. It can even cause unclear speech, toothache and other physical ailments. In severe cases, periodontitis, and make a person feel unhappy same time. Take advantage of the long summer vacation and bring your child for orthodontics. Let your child have neat and beautiful teeth to welcome their next stage of learning with confidence!