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Dr. Kim, Deputy Chief Physician

Graduated from Kyungpook University (KNU) in South Korea with a master's degree in Prosthodontics. After graduation, he studied at Peking University Stomatological Hospital and has been engaged in dental clinical work for more than ten years. Among other places, he has been to Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong to receive systematic implant training, and has been invited to many summit forums on complete denture restoration for elderly patients organized at home and abroad. He is familiar with various oral implant systems and provides patients with comprehensive missing tooth restoration solutions. With a solid theoretical foundation, standardized clinical technology, and medical humanistic care, it has won the trust of patients.


Dr. Kim's specialty is painless implants, minimally invasive implants, immediate implants, semi/full edentulous immediate implants, periodontal maintenance, alveolar surgery, middle-aged and elderly removable dentures/full dentures, occlusal reconstruction, all-ceramic veneers.