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CPR First Aid Training in IMC

Danger is hidden in everywhere in daily life. There always have possibilities of getting acute illness or accidental damage. When these emergencies happen, people tend to save life with the help of hospitals and doctors. The lack of first-aid knowledge and skills make the wounded miss the most valuable "life-saving prime time".

According to statistics, SCA(Sudden Cardiac Arrest) has become the main cause for sudden death. 70% of them died outside the hospital because of no medical worker participating in the rescue; 40% died of 15-minutes disease attack. If rescue is taken timely, correctly, effectively, most patients can be saved as soon as possible. To make patients be saved and avoid brain cell death, it is necessary to operate CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) immediately after the patients stop breathing. The earlier CPR is operated, the higher rate patients can survival. A large number of practice shows that half of the patients could be saved by taking CPR in 4 minutes.

Therefore, everyone is supposed to learn CPR first aid methods .Using these methods, we could save the patients as well as ourselves when emergencies happen.

International Medical Center-Beijing(IMC-BEIJING) has invited expert who is one of the American Heart Association member to train CPR for schools, companies or other organizations. If you have any questions, please call the marketing department by 010-84484585.