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Health care during pregnancy

A pregnant woman is totally different from when she is not pregnant. Hormone secretion levels go up and down. Hormones prepare woman for motherhood, and her wisdom and ability will be improved. Without motherhood, there will be no such experience and feeling.

(1) Sleep

Adequate sleep not only will give the body enough rest, increase physical strength and eliminate fatigue, but also make the nervous function recover as soon as possible, which is conducive to avoiding the occurrence of bad moods. Therefore, sleep is very important for the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

How can we guarantee the sleep of pregnant women?

First of all, the time should be enough. Normal adults usually need eight hours. The sleep time of pregnant women should be guaranteed eight to nine hours a day. After –seven to eight months of pregnancy, it is better to take a nap of two hours at noon every day.

At the same time, because pregnant women consume more, they should eat a full dinner in the evening. Dinner should consist of low-fat and high-protein food. To avoid insomnia it’s not recommended to drink strong tea, cocoa, coffee, chocolate and other drinks that easily excite the brain.

(2) Diet

For pregnant women, the importance of diet is self-evident. This is a very broad topic, as every woman’s need is different. There are no absolute, the best dietary standards. Here are some guidelines:

1. During pregnancy food intake should be controlled, not just blindly increasing the amount of food.            

2. It is important to improve the quality of diet and nutrition, which can enhance their physical fitness and promote fetal growth.            

3. Rough and refined rice noodles are good to add to the diet                        

4. It is better to drink less or no caffeine beverages during pregnancy, and to drink less tea during pregnancy.            

5. Pregnant women should avoid alcohol

6. Avoid aquatic products with abortion effect. For example crabs, especially crab claws, has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Turtle, also known as soft-shelled turtle, has the function of nourishing Yin and benefiting liver and kidney. So, to the general people, it is a nutritious dish. But as turtle is salty and cold in nature, it has a strong function of dredging blood vessels and dispersing congestion, so it is not recommended to pregnant women, as it may increase the possibility of miscarriage.

7. Avoid eating black fungus, hawthorn, water chestnut and purslane.

8. Avoid spicy hot food. According to the principle of prenatal medication, pregnancy taboo should avoid eating hot food, because hot food can aggravate the body's heat and hinder the body's blood-gathering and child-rearing. Such products are mutton, deer, cock meat, sparrow, hippocampus, coriander, litchi, cinnamon and almond.   

9. Avoid eating animal liver foodstuff in early pregnancy.