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Coping with Anxiety of Stressful Life Event


One of the biggest enemies of human is anxiety. However, despite of any disaster, and bad circumstances we might be in, we have a choice to beat the anxiety from its source, our thoughts and to be more specific, our negative thoughts. Certain amount of anxiety is normal and motivate us to achieve our goals, but when gets out of control will negatively effects our mood, emotion, our body, our health, specially our immune system which is quite important to protect our health and fight different diseases.  


There are many ways that we change the real stressful situation and make it even worse in our mind and in result we end up developing mild to extreme level of anxiety. One way is that we tend to make the situation so huge in our mind than actually is which makes it even hard for us to cope with such level of high anxiety.  On the other hand we ignore the positive aspect of the situation as well as predicting the worse situation than we are actually facing now. In such case, we allow our mind to focus on negative aspect of situation and ignoring any chance of positivity. Naturally persons with this mode of thinking will be overwhelmed by their negative thoughts to the point that no longer can cope with the situation and consequently develop high to extreme level of anxiety.


If your anxiety becomes quite overwhelming, you can see a psychologist to help you.   For mild level of anxiety, you can try the following:

1- You can make small signs or purchase very small your favorite color dots, place it on different places or objects, such as on your phone screen, on your computer screen, next to your bed or other objects you often use to remind yourself to avoid and reject negative thoughts which can help reduce your anxiety level to the point of being able to cope and find better solution dealing with the situation at hand. You can do this by replacing your negative thoughts with positive things including the positive aspect of your life. Besides, remind yourself to avoid predicting the future, which is not here yet, and or exaggerating the situation. You can mentally place all these positive thoughts on your colorful dot to remind yourself coping and reducing your anxiety when need it.

2- If your health allows, you can exercise daily. It can be done at home by simply using floor pad and doing several floor exercises such as push up, exercising your different muscle, abdominal exercise, etc.  At the end of exercise you will fee better since not only you get stronger, time passes by quickly, your body will look more fit, improves your immune system to fight disease but also feel happy and less anxious since exercise causes production of happy hormone in our brain. Another words you can produce your own healthy, effective, natural and free happy pills!

3- You can engage in different activities including reading your favorite books, doing simple relaxation and more.



I wish all of you good health and peace.

Take care

Dr. Mike Mehrvarz