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How do we protect our knees?

2020.12.14 How do we protect our knees?Knee joint overactivity, torsion injury in semi-squat position, abnormal kneecap position, such

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How Can Winter Affect Atopic Dermatitis in Children?

How Can Winter Affect Atopic Dermatitis in Children?What is atopic dermatitis?Did you know that the biggest organ in the body is the sk

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Silent Killer -- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

2020.12.01Among all the respiratory diseases, COPD is a silent killer. Most patients are asymptomatic in the early stage of the disease

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Do you have any dietary fiber on your table?

2020.11.10 With the improvement of living standard, the food refinement degree is getting higher and higher, the proportion of animal f

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